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Tour Edge

Tour Edge 1 Out Plus Wedge - Steel

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Product Code: TOURE-1OUTPLUS-SW-st

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1 Out Plus Counter-Balanced Wedge

The new 1Out Plus wedge features an ultra-heavy head with a counter-balanced grip to make greenside bunker and chip shots easier than ever. To counter-balance the wedge, 90 grams of additional weight is added in the butt end of the grip to counter the heavier head. The weighting increases stability and improves wrist position at impact.

The head design features a super-wide sole that makes sand shots easier than ever. The sole glides through the sand, easily lifting the ball up and out.

  • Counter-balanced grip improves stability and wrist position at impact for more accurate shots
  • Super-wide sole design for easier sand shots
  • Heavy sole puts maximum weight below the ball for easy launch

  • Available in Men's
  • Available in Hand: Right
  • Available in Irons: SW
  • Available in Steel Shafts: Stepless Steel
  • Available in Flexes: Wedge