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Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 Iron Wood Sets

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The E521 Iron-Wood offers the game-changing Houdini Sole in conjunction with a super-shallow face, slice-fighting offset designs, and heel weighting for added draw bias. These amped-up irons put a major emphasis on ease of launch, playability and correcting miss-hits and slices to go straighter for the ultimate in ease of use.


Houdini Sole Technology
- The Houdini Sole is an emerging sole design innovation that pushes weight back as much as possible for an ultra-low and deep Center of Gravity, optimizing launch conditions and greatly improving forgiveness off the face. The raised steel mass area of the Houdini Sole at the rear of the clubhead reduces the amount of sole area to reduce drag and turf interaction. The Houdini Sole design element has proven to be one of the most effective technologies at getting balls out of tough lies by reducing turf interaction by 35%.

Hollow-Body Design - Hollow-body perimeter weighting produces distance properties of a metalwood in an iron design for maximum ball speed. The hollow-body design makes for an extremely low and back Center of Gravity, helping to create a very forgiving and powerful face.

Shallow Cup Forged Face - The super-shallow Cup Face design in the Hot Launch E521 Iron-Wood produces higher launch angles and extreme ease of launch. This super-thin forged face design produces the pinnacle of extreme ease of launch, increased apex heights, hang time and distance.

Slice-Fighting Offset Design - The offset design of the E521 Iron-Wood works in conjunction with the heel weight in the clubhead to help players avoid hitting slices and to increase launch conditions.

Premium Mitsubishi Fubuki and KBS MAX 80 Shafts
- The E Series Iron-Wood comes stock with the same super-light FUBUKI metalwood shafts by Mitsubishi that range from 55-grams to 60-grams depending on the flex and provides lower kick points that promise to help players achieve maximum velocity and a slightly drawn ball flight. The E521 Iron-Wood is also available in a KBS MAX 80 steel shaft, a lightweight low-kick point steel shaft that produces a high trajectory.

  • Available in Men's
  • Available in Hand: Right & Left
  • Available in Set Make-Up: 4-9, PW
  • Available in Flexes:
    • Senior (A)
    • Regular (R)
    • Stiff (S)
  • Available in Shafts:
    • Graphite Iron-Woods - Mitsubishi Fubuki HD (A, R, S)
    • Steel Iron-Woods - KBS Max 80 (R, S)
  • Available in Grips: Lamkin Z5

Available in right and left hand. Women's length -1". Custom fitting options include: grip, shaft flex, and length. Headcover included.