Don't settle for standard stock offerings. Play your best when you order personalized clubs. Create your own custom made golf clubs from the top vendors in golf. Choose custom shafts, lie angles, and loft to fit your game and have them custom built for you. 


Have a custom one-of-a-kind PING putter built to your exact specifications when you order through and PING WRX. Create a one-of-a-kind putter that is as unique as you are! Customizations that can be made through the PING WRX department include:


-- Adding tungsten weight in the heel, toe, face or sole of the putter.

-- Adding or taking away site dots.
-- Adding or taking away site lines.
-- Custom etchings on the putter.
-- Custom paint fills with the colors of your choice.
-- Adding sound slots to change the feel and sound.


PING can do a great deal to many of the putters in their line - including classic models. Want to learn more? Call us at 916-988-3673 and our Customer Service Team will walk you through the ordering process. Make your custom PING putter the most unique club in your golf bag!