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Ball of Steel Training Aid Golf Balls

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Instantly Improve Your PUTTING

The Ball of Steel is 5 times the weight of a normal golf ball. Learning to make a solid stroke with the heavy ball makes putting with a standard ball feel light and lively. This is the key to creating a compact, efficient stroke. Watch great putters and you will see this stroke. No deceleration, no jab, and no complex thinking. Simple stroke = fewer putts!

The Ball of Steel will give you instant feedback on several common putting errors:

  • Mis-hits
  • Puts all your focus on a solid hit
  • All the muscles have to remain in motion
  • Your body will adjust the shaft angle for consistent loft

Caution: The Ball of Steel is made for putts of less than 6 feet. Attempting to hit longer putts may cause damage to your club or personal injury. Use at your own risk.