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Callaway Golf Jaws Raw Face Wedges - Chrome

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Jaws Raw brings raw scoring performance to your wedge game. Legendary wedge designer Roger Cleveland has created a new line that combines artistry and craftsmanship with cutting edge innovation.

Jaws Raw features the most aggressive grooves in golf, now with a raw face that promotes maximum spin. For the first time ever, Callaway is bringing tungsten technology to a wedge for a weight balanced club that offers both feel and control.

These new technologies are balanced with the craftsmanship honed from Roger’s 40+ years of designing some of the most sought-after wedges in golf. This includes the all-new “Z Grind” that Roger developed as a more forgiving shot maker’s wedge. It’s one of four updated grinds available in the new line, which includes 17 loft/bounce combinations and two stunning finishes.

Takes spin and control to new levels. We've combined off-set groove-in-groove technology with the most aggressive groove in golf for a controlled "one hop and stop" trajectory.

The first Callaway wedges with Tungsten, on the sand and lob wedges, which we use to center the CG for control and feel. Variable hosel lengths and weighted toe pads help to control trajectory and enhance forgiveness.

We've removed the plating on the face, which exposes the groove edge for maximum friction and spin. This also allows for rusting over time in the scoring, without impacting playability. The premium look is maintained across the rest of the clubhead.

  • Available in Men's
  • Available in Hand: Right & Left
  • Available in Finish: Chrome
  • Available in Lofts: 48º, 50º, 52º, 54º, 56º, 58º, 60º
  • Available in Grinds:
    • S-Grind
    • W-Grind
    • X-Grind
    • Z-Grind
  • Available in Steel Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner 115
  • Available in Flex: S200

Grind Options:


A tri-level sole design, with an aggressive leading-edge chamfer that acts as a skid plate for enhanced turf interaction. The chamfer also reduces digging, making this a more playable low-bounce grind. This is a versatile grind around the greens for opening the face or hitting it square. 8° bounce.
Player Type: Shotmakers who like to open the face around the greens
Divot Type: Shallow Divot
Condition Type: Medium, Firm
Lofts: 58º, 60º


Standard medium-width sole with a slight ribbon at the back, and moderate heel relief to keep the leading-edge low through impact. A small leading-edge chamfer is employed for enhanced turf interaction. This is our most popular grind option for a wide variety of conditions and swing types. 10° bounce.
Player Type: Fits a variety of swing types; best for players who prefer a square face
Divot Type: Moderate Divot
Condition Type: Soft, Medium, Firm
Lofts: 48º, 50º, 52º, 54º, 56º, 58º, 60º
Bounce: 10º


Our highest bounce option provides heel and toe relief, along with a narrow width for versatility when you open the face. A small leading-edge chamfer is added to reduce digging. The wedge is best suited to shotmakers with a steep angle of attack. 12° bounce.
Player Type: Shotmakers with a steep angle of attack
Divot Type: Deep Divot
Condition Type: Medium, Soft
Lofts: 58º, 60º
Bounce: 12º


Our widest sole option with a tighter front to back radius and a small leading-edge chamfer. This promotes skidding and reduces digging. This is our most forgiving sole grind. 12° of bounce.
Player Type: Our widest sole for players who need the most help and forgiveness
Divot Type: Deep Divot
Condition Type: Soft
Lofts: 50º, 52º, 54º, 56º, 58º, 60º
Bounce: 12º

Jaws Raw Chrome Specs