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Saintnine Misty Matte Golf Balls

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The Highest Grade 3-Piece Matte Ball

The performance of the Saintnine Misty soft matte color ball provides better distance control around the green to help you play like a pro! Conforms with USGA and R&A rules.

  • Beautiful matte color ball provides visibility and concentration
  • 332 dimples for optimal consistency and stable flight trajectory
  • Enhanced spin for consistent performance in middle and short games

Strong Mind Strong Game

Saintnine, a rising leader in the international golf ball industry, seeks to create a new golf culture focused on the willpower and spirituality of the game. Saintnine developed its name around the spirit of Saint Andrews, known for its long standing traditions and influence in the game of golf. Owned by Nexgen Tire, one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers in the world; Saintnine plans to grow globally as a forward-thinking company offering a high quality performance and feel golf ball that will enhance concentration in order to improve the ability of the player.
  • Available in Colors:
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Yellow
  • Cover - Ionomer
  • Construction - 3-piece
  • Compression - 85
  • Softness - Softer
  • Distance - Extraordinary Distance
  • Feel - Exceptional Feel
  • Launch Angle - Mid-High Launch
  • Spin - Incredible Spin
  • Performance - The Saintnine Misty is not only an eye catching ball with its stunning matte cover, but it will also turn heads when golfers see the combination of spin rate and distance. Line up each shot confidently with the industry-changing Saintnine Misty.