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U.S. Kids Golf Ultralight 39" 3-Club Carry Bag Set

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Product Code: USKID-UL7-39-3


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For Beginning to Intermediate Players

The UL7 set is designed for the beginner to intermediate player. The flexible shafts with the right club head weight and design help the developing player get the ball up in the air with ease. Add more clubs to the set as the player progresses.

Ultralight 7, or UL7, is the seventh generation of Ultralight golf clubs engineered by U.S. Kids Golf. The culmination of thousands of data points gathered using Trackman technology and intense market and product development research have led to our most advanced and highest performing set of Ultralight golf clubs to date. Players should expect higher ball speeds, increased distance, improved versatility, and higher quality throughout the entire set from Bags to Driver to Putters.

These are the world's best clubs for beginning players. In each size the swing weight, shaft flex, and many more attributes work together to maximize the player's long-term development. Moving to a taller size in U.S. Kids clubs too early, or adding a club of another brand to the set such as a longer and heavier driver, causes the player to adjust their swing and technique resulting in slower hand speed and hindering development.


  • Optimal Height Range 39 in. to 42 in.
  • Typical Age Range: 3 to 5
  • w30 model (30% lighter club heads)
  • Carry Bag
  • Fairway Driver (headcover included)
  • 7 Iron
  • Sandhills Putter
  • Available in Hand: Right & Left
  • Available in Colors:
    • Black/Red
    • Pink/White
  • Available in Set Make-Up:
    • 26-degree 3 Wood
    • 7-iron
    • Putter
    • Carry Bag

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